Who we are ?

<b>Media assistance</b> is an off-shore company as well as a company of study and accompaniment dedicated for the companies in their process of up grading.<br/><br/> Less than 2 hours of flight from the majorities of Eropean capitals, <b>Media assistance</b> is localized in <b> Tunisia north region, Bizerta, downtown</b>, We offer a large panel of service dedicated to companies. <br/><br/> With its strong contractor spirit, <b>Media assistance</b> wants you to share the benefits of a favourable environment to the creation of companies. Our philosophy is to offer an accompaniment of quality, support, guidance for the realization of your projects. <br/><br/> Through the use of new technologies, we want to facilitate your approach of company creation. Conscious about the difficulties linked to the creation of a company as well as the administrative time limit, we grant you liberty to focus on the accomplishment of your project. <br/><br/> The company creation should be a simple gesture, quick and natural that makes you realize the whole administrative formalities. We wish to provide a service of quality consistent to your desire.

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Media Assistance : Rue Moncef Bey, 2 ème étage Centre Abdou 7000 Bizerte - tunisie - Tel : (216) 72 42 42 57 - Fax : (216) 72 43 20 05
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